Before Winslow Anderson was hired, the designing of the Blenko line was done by Bill Blenko, the Blenko finishers and blowers, with ideas being sought from the Blenko Sales Team.  Ideas were not always original in origin, but before they were made a part of the Blenko line – they were unique and the blowers / finishers agreed they could produce a set number per hour.  Mr. Bill Blenko and management then decided if the item would be included.  Prior to the hiring of Winslow Anderson  a team of his best workers such as Axel Muller and Louis Miller and later Jarfly, Shorty,  Harry, Jessie and Les would assist with determining time to create and their ideas for designs.

    The Blenko Glass Co.  at this time allowed men to work during lunch and end of day on projects for friends and family.  A few of these would find their way into the line yearly. Axel Muller and his brother Louis are given credit for the initial tableware line. Once Winslow Anderson was hired,  he like the other designers not only valued the workers expertise but would design based on the abilities of the given work crew.