Blenko: Black friday weekend

posted Oct 30, 2013, 12:50 AM by vivek yadav   [ updated Oct 30, 2013, 1:22 AM ]
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Friday, November 29th

9:00am-TBD     Stained Glass Panel 

9:30am-2:00pm     (K) Glass Painting-Ongoing

                            Saturday, November 30th

9:30am-11:00    Blown Glass Vase

9:30am-TBD     Stained Glass Mosaic Art
10:00am-11:00   Glass Chime Class
10:00am-12:00    Blown Ornament

9:30am-2:00pm   (K) Glass Painting-Ongoing

Class Descriptions

  • NEW Glass Chime: Ages 10-up. $45.00/person. Choose and assemble a beautiful glass wind chime that will sparkle in the sun and bring music to your life.

  • NEW Glass Painting: Ages 3-up. $10.00/person. Choose between a small cast animal, glass blank or ornament and use your creative talents to decorate your piece of glass with endless colors and designs. There is no specific start or end time for participants in this class.

  • NEW Stained Glass Mosaic Art: Ages 12-up. $85.00/person. Create a beautiful stained glass mosaic panel in a wooden form. You will have the opportunity to shape your glass, place your pieces and grout your design to create your colorful finished piece. Your finished work will be 14" in diameter including the wood frame.
  • Blown Ornament: Ages 12-up. $35.00/person. Each Participant will choose from selected frit colors and with the assistance of Blenko Artisans create their own one of a kind round ornament.
  • Stained Glass Panel: Ages 12-up. $85.00/person. You will learn the steps required to make a stained glass panel and will then create your own 13" x 13" panel.    
  • Blown Glass Vase: Ages 14-up. $65.00/person. In this class each participant will get to roll their piece of glass in selected frit to pick up the desired colors. Then they will get to heat the piece up to melt the frit and blow their piece of glass into a wooden form so that it can be made into a vase or bowl with the finisher.