150th WV birthday

posted May 7, 2013, 9:17 PM by vivek yadav
June 20th West Virginia will be 150 years old, and as always Blenko will be making a special WV birthday piece. Below are some words about it from the designer, Arlon Bayliss. 

Written by Arlon Bayliss:
150th Birthday Piece:
“Birthday Hearts for West Virginia”
Loving 150 years of West Virginia.
Blenko has put their heart and soul into making a special commemorative piece to mark the 150thBirthday of West Virginia.
Designer Arlon Bayliss writes:
We wanted this piece to be extra special. As I thought about a theme for this important Blenko Birthday piece, my mind kept returning to how West Virginians hold each other in their hearts; to their generosity, hard work and love. The priceless skills of our mold-makers and blowers have led to a remarkable commemorative piece that not only celebrates love, but is made with love too.
Made of turquoise and crystal glass, to represent a mountaineer’s freedom, this eleven-inch tall, ballooning vase expands with billowing hearts from a narrow base to broad rounded shoulders, and a generous flared rim.
Blenko “hearts” West Virginia, and West Virginia “hearts” Blenko!