"Shorty" Finley

Shorty Finley remains very loyal to Blenko and grateful for the skills he learned while at Blenko.

The work of "Shorty" Finley can be seen at many museums: The Wheaton Museum, The Huntington Museum, and the Blenko Museum (upstairs at the Visitors Center in Milton). Shorty made the chess set located in the Visitors Center - Don Shepherd designed and Shorty blew it during his lunch hours. At one time it was offered by Shorty for sale while on display at the Huntington Museum for the sum of $3,500. When it wasn't sold, Shorty asked Mr. Blenko if he could display it at BLENKO as he had no room for such a big piece of "art." Shorty Finley, age 70+, still lives in Milton. Shorty worked with designers Anderson, Myers, Nickerson, Shepherd, Husted and Carter. These photos represent a small portion of the glass "Shorty" Finley created during his lunch hour and after work.

Images of "Shorty"

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