Blenko Ladies

People often ask, "Are there women employed at Blenko?" The answer is yes. Many very strong, talented women have worked at Blenko, beginning with Mrs. Marion Blenko (1923) who worked in the office and later managed the Visitor Center. 

Marion Blenko
Currently, blenko's vice president is a Katie Trippe. She is the first non-family member to have held an office. More information about her can be found at her Linkedin page, .


Katie Trippe

Blenko has several female employees, some with more than 30 years service to Blenko. With the exception of 2 females, all Blenko ladies have worked sixteen or more years. Blenko Ladies are a very important part of the Blenko family.


Mareta Crookshanks, 35 yrs        Kathryn Davis, 30 yrs                Christy Gibson, 17 yrs                Connie James, 21 yrs


                             Wanda Lewis, 42 yrs          Virginia "Jenny" Womack, 16 yrs          Tammy McDonald, 2 yrs 


Angie Mount, 1.5 yrs,                                 Mary Kinnard, 22 yrs                    Sue Mount, 27 yrs

                                         Hillary with the blenko ladies