Blenko Designers

John Nickerson, Matt Carter, Winslow Anderson,
Wayne Husted, Hank Adams 

Photos: Tammy Kosla, Steve Bair and John R. Homburg
One thing that sets Blenko apart are its designers. Blenko strives to attract innovative, popular, and well-trained artists. Blenko provides unconditional support for the artists during their Blenko tenure. Several Blenko designers have gone on to become extremely popular and well-known in the artistic world.
Pre-1947                                        1947-1954 (Winslow Anderson)             1953-1963 (Wayne Husted)
1963-1970 (Joel Myers)                   1970-1974 (John Nickerson)                 1974-1987 (Don Shepherd)
1988-1994 (Hank Adams)                  1995-2002 (Matt Carter)                     1980-2007 (Richard Blenko)